Changing A Process – a dataflow process

By dataflow process, I mean the course of movement of data in a process with illustrations of the data store. From my point of view, there are some fundamental questions to consider before changes are made to any dataflow process.

  1. What is the current flow
  2. Why is it currently flowing that way
  3. What benefits/dis-benefits are there in the current flow
  4. Does the current flow present with many hand-offs or inefficiencies?
  5. Who are the individuals involved in this current model – This helps to better understand the historic of the flow
  6. What is the proposed new process
  7. What benefits/dis-benefits has this got over the previous process?
  8. Is this a part change or an over-haul?
  9. If part change, what knock-on effect will this have on other parts of the entire process?
  10. Has the knock on effect being evaluated or assessed?
  11. Does the proposed change create more work in other areas?
  12. Are all the individuals involved in the current model aware of the proposed change?
  13. Does the proposed change meet the business needs/requirements? – Reduction in cost/ overhead/overall process time, elimination of redundancy et al.